AcuNova Course, Aulum (Herning) Denmark, 9-11 October 2019, English Language

5.500 DKK

Three day course in AcuNova acupuncture – previously Acupuncture 2000 

Time: Tuesday 10-16, Wednesday 9-16, Thursday 9-16

Place: The Acupuncture University, Søndermarken 2, 7490 Aulum (Herning). Denmark

AcuNova acupuncture  is a unique system by which you within three days will learn to treat acute and chronic pain, organic disorder such as asthma and stomach / intestinal disordersas well as blind and partially sighted.

You will learn the theory behind AcuNovabut there are also practicalso you can apply what you have learned  the day after the course has ended.

You are welcome to invite a pain patientso you can see how quickly AcuNova works.

So far we have been treated over 600 pain patients in AcuNova courses and we have been able to help more than 85 % – most of them were abandoned by Scientific Western Medicine.

Please advise us if you invite a pain patient.